South County Psychiatry Opens Intensive Outpatient Program

South County Psychiatry Opens Intensive Outpatient Program

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South County Psychiatry is pleased to open its new venture, the Intensive Outpatient Program, under the direction of Dr. Mark Zimmerman. The IOP provides care for patients experiencing acute mental health difficulties that interfere with their daily activities and ability to function.

Patients struggling with symptoms of mental health conditions like bipolar, PTSD, anxiety, and depression may find many benefits in attending the IOP. Patients experiencing grief, loss, trauma, and personal upheaval can also receive help from the program.

About the IOP

The IOP can be considered an intermediate form of care, more involved than outpatient visits with a therapist and medication provider and less so than an inpatient hospital stay. Intensive outpatient programs also provide a point of transition for those who have experienced a hospitalization and can help them adapt to daily life

The IOP provides a short-term experience with a half-day program three times per week. Typically, treatment lasts between five and 12 weeks. Patients can live at home and attend work part-time if they feel able to do so.

The core of the program is group sessions with an experienced therapist. Sharing insights and support with peers allows patients to learn from one another. Individual meetings with a psychiatrist and therapist are also part of the program.

As patients become more comfortable sharing in the group, they can benefit from others' experiences and help their peers. Patients often make rapid progress in the IOP, learning coping skills that will help them return to full function.

Why Choose the IOP?

Your therapist and medication provider may recommend that you receive more intensive treatment than they can provide in the office. The IOP is appropriate for patients whose functioning is impaired but who do not need constant supervision. We will discuss whether the IOP is appropriate with you and your providers and get you the help you need.

Meet Our Director

Dr. Mark Zimmerman is the Chief of Ambulatory Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at South County Psychiatry. He previously directed the outpatient mental health and Partial Hospital Programs at Rhode Island Hospital. A board-certified psychiatrist and prolific researcher, Dr. Zimmerman is also a professor at the Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University.

About South County Psychiatry

We provide comprehensive outpatient psychiatric care at five Southern New England locations. Our psychiatrists and psychologists treat many mental health conditions, including bipolar, depression, anxiety, and other mood and personality disorders. Our Cranston, Rhode Island  location hosts the Intensive Outpatient Program.

Contact South County Psychiatry

Successful psychiatric care requires balancing the patient's needs and the treatment they receive. If you or a loved one need more psychiatric care than you can receive in a routine office visit, contact South County Psychiatry at one of our locations in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. We will work with your current providers and determine whether the IOP can help you.